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Choose a roulette you like, bet and let the whole world wait while you are looking at the wheel spinning mesmerizingly and the ball rolling. There is no need to leave your home, buy an air ticket and fly to a gambling mecca, because a dream roulette is right at your fingertips. Online gambling has transformed tedious getaways to land-based casinos into calm, comfortable and beneficial pastime with your favorite type of roulette. Whether you like a European or American way of playing, online casinos have both. Online roulette looks simple on the surface but actually has lots of ins and outs that a player should know to become a real pro and stand to gain from this wonderful game.


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Briefly on online roulette types

There are three major types known as European (one zero slot), American (two zeros) and French (one zero) roulette. It does not matter much, the game of which provider you would pick, because the rules, player/house edges are the same within each specific kind of roulette. Games from different companies may have minor distinctions in graphics, user settings, chip values, table limits and some other nonessential features that do not affect the play dramatically. However, there is a handful of uncommon games that are found in Canada-focused casinos (some of them are overviewed below).

About player's odds in roulette online

Every casino game has a house edge and, respectively, player edge. These values are used to show how much either party is going to win in the long (very long) run. European roulette has a house advantage of 2.7%, meaning a player would win $973 and lose $27 on every $1000 wagered. This is not going to be an exact sum but somewhere in that range. Another important thing to know is that the win/lose probabilities are effective over a long-term horizon but they do not work properly if the player just spends a couple of minutes at the roulette wheel. Through skillful tactics, an educated CA player can kind of cheat the probabilities and gain the upper hand over the house.

Calculation of odds is based on simple mathematics. Suppose you bet $10 on red for 37 spins in a row. There are 18 red and 18 black slots on the wheel, so you will win $180 on red but lose $180 on black and also lose $10 on hitting a zero section. Out of $370 you have wagered in real money, the total winning amount is $360, which makes the player edge of 2.70% ($360 / $370 x 100%). The same calculations are made for other roulette versions found in any CA online casino.

American roulette has two zero slots, therefore an online casino will win more frequently than the player and the player edge is set at 5.24%. French roulette has the same odds as a European version but due to minor rules implemented in some French roulette versions, the house odds can further decline to 1.35%.

Brief how-tos to playing online roulette in Canada

Let's first explore common features peculiar to the three roulette types. The digitalized roulette has the same constituents as its land-based cousin: a table with a numbered grid, an electronic roulette wheel and a chip rack with chips of several values (normally, $1, $5, $10, etc.). There are also statistics in many roulette games as well as user settings to configure visuals, sounds and some other game parameters. A mobile casino normally has a light interface for roulette games (fewer buttons, less user settings). If you play in a bitcoin casino, chips will have bitcoin face values.

A roulette table has a clearly marked area with numbers: 1 to 36 and one zero in European roulette; and 1 to 36, 0 and 00 in American roulette. Numbers have an alternate red and black background, while zeros have a green background. Outside the numbered grid, there are special areas for betting on groups of numbers, for example, Red and Black, 1-18 and 19-36, etc.

A player is entitled to place a bet on many areas at a time, minding table limits which are unique for each table. As a rule, the min bet is $1 but in some high roller games it can be $100 or higher. The maximum table bet also varies widely: Some Microgaming tables enable you to play at up to $30,000 per round. Note that a table limit denotes a total maximum of all bet types. For instance, where a limit is $5000, this does not necessarily mean the player may bet $5000 on Red. In this case, this could be the highest wager of $1500 on simple chances (even/odd and other 1:1 bets).

Some games, like Premiere Roulette from Microgaming, have what is known as a racetrack smoothly incorporated into roulette design. It is used for placing at least four "call bets" that cover fixed portions of the roulette wheel. An important thing that the player should be aware betting on the racetrack is that the chips placed on the racetrack cover each individual number of that bet. For example, if you wager $10 on Orphelins, which covers 8 numbers and requires five chips, you will actually wager $50 ($10 x 5).

Payouts in real money online roulette

The size of winnings depends on the type of bet made by the player. All even-money bets pay out 1:1. For example, betting on 1-18 and landing a winner you receive your bet doubled. Betting on 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36, you can win 2 to 1. The general principle behind payouts is that the more numbers are covered by a bet, the less real money award you would get, if won. Similarly, placing a casino chip on only one single number and winning it will bring you 35 to 1, which is the highest reward in all types of roulette.

Some online roulette tables have an incredible side bet option that increases payouts dramatically. For example, there is Golden Chip Roulette from Yggdrasil. It has a usual European layout except that every chip placed on any single number becomes a golden chip automatically. And winning a straight up bet will award a cash prize based on a golden chip multiplier that varies from x10 to x500. So instead of a 35:1 payout, the player would receive up to x500. Players from Canada willing to take more risks are offered an incredible progressive Roulette Royale from Microgaming. A $1 side bet is automatically added to the main bet on each spin and the progressive jackpot is awarded if the same number appears for five times in succession.

The most unusual online roulette games for players from Canada

Whilst roulette has only three major versions, there are a few exciting roulette games that do integrate classic rules but have some uncommon, original twist and sometimes present extra reward opportunities. Multi Wheel Roulette (Microgaming, 2011) is actually a European roulette with one betting table and eight wheels spinning at a time. When wagering on any space, the bet automatically distributes itself on all wheels and will be increased by x8. Each wheel produces unique outcomes.

Multi Player Roulette of the same provider (released in 2012 and also compatible with a mobile casino) is an interactive roulette online with a sociable bonus element. Though Microgaming do not specialize in table games, they made a stunning roulette in which players can chat with one another using a built-in chat facility.

"Standard" sometimes turns into "boring". If you are an avid fan of roulette, try Chinese Roulette produced by Oryx, which has animal pics on the wheel in place of numbers. Bets can be placed on single symbols, their combinations, seasons and elements. Another game from Oryx, Astro Roulette, uses signs of zodiac, sun and other components of an astrological calendar instead of traditional numbers.

Mystery Roulette from Novomatic comes with European-style numbering, a zero and two mystery slots (so called "mystery pockets") that modify payouts for standard stakes. For example, landing a win on the "??" pocket will award up to 500:1, which is a wonderful bonus for every CA roulette enthusiast.

The best online casino roulette strategies

There are many roulette strategies but none of them work effectively all the time. Sure, they can increase your chances of winning over a short-term horizon but they fail to be successful over an extended period of your playing time. Think of this: If there were a 100% working strategy, every online casino would bust up because everyone would use that fail-safe strategy to play online roulette. Anyway, sticking to some betting system may be helpful and you might even end up with some good winnings. Just keep an open mind on your financial condition, follow strictly all instructions to your selected strategy and do not hesitate to pull back in time if you can see chances are against you. Some of the most popular betting systems are Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Non-Progressive Betting, etc.

By Andrew Russell
Updated: 19.09.2022