JetX in Canadian Online Casinos

JetX in Canadian Online Casinos

It’s greed against FOMO in the JetX casino game, and your nerves will determine whether you win or lose. This popular social multiplayer game requires plenty of luck and top primal instincts to bag a win. JetX is a crash game where players place wagers on when they believe the jet will crash based on an ever-growing multiplier. It continues to captivate players because of its unique gameplay and the potential to bag big wins. 

You can play JetX in Canadian online casinos, and we have a list of the top casinos that offer this game. Also included on this page is a detailed guide to the game’s rules, statistics, and gameplay. So, whether you’re a seasoned online gambler or a newbie to the world of real money online casinos, JetX promises to deliver a thrilling gaming experience. 

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JetX game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Smartsoft Gaming
🥇 Release Date: January 2019
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.1 – $300

JetX game interface

  • JetX game interface
  • JetX game interface
  • JetX game interface

What is a crash game?

From the title, you can expect a crash at some point. But the crash comes with excellent payouts. So, how do the two gel? This type of online casino game requires players to place wagers on the outcome of a virtual game. The best part about this is the inclusion of a growing multiplier. In a basic crash game, the multiplier starts at a specific value. It then grows to a point when the game “crashes”. You then receive a payout which is your initial bet multiplied by the value of the multiplier at the time when the game “crashes”.

As you might have guessed, the catch lies in predicting the exact point of the crash to ensure you get the highest possible multiplier before the game ends. But if you don’t have nerves of steel to see out the game to the last second, you can cash out before the crash. That means you can lock your winnings or limit the potential losses. This type of game has gained popularity in online gambling because of its ease of play. On top of that, you have a chance to score large payouts using a small wager. But as is the case with such games, there’s a high risk level since you can lose your entire wager in a flash if you don’t cash out in time.  

About JetX

Created by Smartsoft Gaming, the JetX casino is a basic crash game that allows players to test their primal instincts. As explained earlier, the main aim is to cash out before the jet crashes. To do this, click the “Collect” button to end the round and claim your cash prize. This will be equal to your initial bet multiplied by the accumulated multiplier. 

To play JetX for real money, place your bet using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. Note that wagers start from $0.1, with the maximum bet amount capped at $100. This is an excellent range as it encompasses both low and high rollers. 

The plane will then take off, and the multiplier will rise as the plane flies higher. You have the option to engage the Autoplay feature for both betting and collecting your winnings. The game’s coefficients, history, and statistics are in the right corner. You’ll spot the probabilities shown as statistics, with values in red and green. The red is for coefficients less than 1.5, while the green denotes coefficients over 1.5. The game is available in mobile casinos as well.

JetX game rules

Even a game based on luck follows a set of rules, and JetX is no different. Here are the rules guiding the game:


Place your bet

You must place a bet before any game round by using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons. There’s an auto function that you can engage to place your bets for the next round. 


Predict the crash point

You can predict the crash point by choosing your ‘collect’ multiplier. Once the growing multiplier gets to your preselected value, the game will cash out automatically.


Cash out

You can also manually cash out at any point you wish. If the plane crashes before you cash out, you’ll lose your bet. If you cashed out earlier, you lock in your winnings regardless of the final multiplier.

JetX statistics

Earlier on, we stated that JetX is a multiplayer game. That means countless other players online place bets on the same plane. What makes this game even more interesting is the inclusion of a statistics panel to the right of the game screen. Note that all players can access this panel, even those who play for fun. 

On this panel, you can view the different bets other players place. Furthermore, you can also see their win amounts and at what point they decided to collect their winnings. You can also view your bet history by clicking on the “My Bets” tab. This section will show you the crash points and the value at that time, your bet amount, what you collected, and what you won in a particular game round.  

JetX strategies and tricks

Cashing out early and patience are the biggest tips when playing the JetX game. Of course, there’s no way to predict when the plane will crash. Therefore, it’s important to consider the risks involved when you play JetX for real money. However, certain strategies can help you increase your winning chances, and we discuss them below. 


Combine bets on high and low multipliers

This popular JetX strategy is used to win and maintain a healthy balance. With this strategy, you want to bet big on a low multiplier with the auto-withdraw feature activated, and then throughout the same round, you want to bet low on a high multiplier. 

This approach aims to lower your risk exposure while maintaining a healthy balance by placing large bets. That’s possible since the strategy focuses on achieving frequent wins. The small wager, on the other hand, is to aim for a big multiplier to increase your balance. Here’s an example: You can bet $6 on a 1.40 multiplier on the left. On the right, place a small bet of $0.5 on a big multiplier, such as 30x or 50x. While at it, we recommend placing bets proportional to your overall balance to ensure you stay in the game for as long as possible. 


Play volatile and cash out fast

Volatility always comes with increased risk exposure. But then again, you have the potential to score big wins. This is what this strategy aims to achieve. You want to bet bigger than usual and withdraw on the low multipliers instead of waiting for it to grow. Overall, you want recurring wins and cash out once you’ve hit your desired multiplier. One note to remember when applying this strategy is that you can accrue losses quickly if you are on a bad streak while placing big bets. 


Apply the Martingale Strategy

This is a common strategy used by many casino players. But it can be risky for several reasons. In this strategy, you want to start by placing a small wager. Afterwards, you’ll double the bet every time you lose. So, if you start by wagering $1 and lose, your next bet will be $2. If you lose again, you bet $4. If at any point you win, you need to start from level 1 ($1). 


Use the auto-withdraw feature

You can manually cash out your winnings, but this can be a second too late when you rely only on instinct. Thankfully, you can use an auto-withdraw option to set a specific point at which you want to cash out. This ensures you claim your money without any delay. Of course, you will lose your money if the plane crashes before then.

JetX3 crash game

If JetX doesn’t get your full attention, JetX3 will. This crash game is a sequel to JetX, also from Smartsoft Gaming, and it features the basic crash game gameplay with added twists. The math model in the game allows players to take off into space with stakes as low as $0.10. High rollers can crank it up to $300 per plane. The top win in the game is capped at 2000 times your bet, with a theoretical RTP clocking 97%. 

Most normal crash games allow you to place up to two bets per game round. With JetX3, you can place up to three bets per game round. What’s even better in this game is that you’ll be betting on three different jets. This is a key difference from all other crash games, where you basically bet on one object. Betting on three jets means you still have two chances left after losing one jet. The game has basic autoplay and multiplayer features. Setting the autoplay might be worth it, considering tracking three jets can be overwhelming. 

Crash games similar to JetX

If you’re a fan of the JetX casino game, you’ll also love other crash games that use the same mechanic. Some of these games come with the option of collecting 50%. 

  • aviator


    This crash game from Spribe also uses the same format as JetX. You must place a bet and predict when the game will crash. The key difference in Aviator is that there’s no jackpot feature present in the JetX crash game. But there are other amazing perks offered by the game. For instance, there’s a Rain Promo where once in a while, a random number of free bets appear in the chat, and you can claim them by clicking on the ‘claim’ button. As for the RTP, the game matches the 97% figure provided by JetX. 

    Read more

  • lucky crumbling

    Lucky Crumbling

    This is an Evoplay production focussed on the core gameplay to provide players with an enjoyable and brisk experience. Instead of using a plane, this crash game uses a coin. As you might have guessed, the goal is to click on the cash-out button before the coin win an ever-increasing bet multiplier crashes. The theoretical RTP in the game is about 96%, while the maximum possible is capped at 1000x your stake.

  • >Cash It” width=”120″ height=”120″> <br>
<h3>Cash It</h3>
<p>You’ll also love Cash It if you love plane themes. Just like all other crash games, the rules are the same. The goal is to cash out before the plane crashes to collect your winnings. One key difference in this game is that you can collect half your bet or the current amount displayed on the screen. This game by Playtech Origins offers a 5000x multiplier, and it comes with a 95.99% RTP.</p>
<li><img loading=


    Another case of FOMO against pitching greed comes from Pragmatic Play. Spaceman features an astronaut theme, with a spaceman taking off into space. And as he flies higher into space, a bet multiplier grows from 1x to 5000x, which is the win cap. Bets start from $1 to $100, and you can collect the entire amount or 50% as the spaceman continues his journey into space. The game’s RTP is at 96.5%, although this can vary depending on the casino you play at.

Play JetX for free



JetX and JetX3 are crash games based on an aviation theme. As in other crash games, the player’s objective is to cash out money before the multiplier stops going up. All you have to do is adopt a proper betting strategy that not only helps you manage your bankroll but also helps you accrue wins along the way. We’ve also dissected some of these tips in our comprehensive guide. You can play JetX in Canadian online casinos, and we’ve done the heavy lifting by providing a list of the top casinos to play this crash game. All in all, the JetX game is worth considering if you’re looking for something different in terms of gameplay.

JetX crash game FAQ

How much can I win in JetX?

The maximum win you can bag in JetX is 25,000x. Plus, there’s a maximum win per game round of CAD 10,000.

How to play JetX?

JetX uses the basic principles of crash games. Before the game starts, you need to place a bet. Once the jet takes off, you’ll see a growing multiplier, and your job is to cash out before it crashes to collect your payout. It’s all about instinct.

Is JetX legit in Canada?

Yes. JetX is legit in Canada, and gamblers in this jurisdiction can enjoy this nerve-wracking crash game in online casinos in Canada. We’ve also provided a list of the top online casinos where you can play this game.

When should I click cash out?

The general rule of thumb is to cash out at the earliest opportunity. While this may guarantee you win most of the time, there are instances when the jet crashes as soon as it takes off. You can also wait for the jet to climb higher, but this is only if you have nerves of steel to endure the ensuing tension.

Are there any helpful tricks in JetX?

Yes. There are several tricks you can use when playing JetX. However, it should be noted that these tips don’t guarantee you any wins. Some of these tips include betting low on a big multiplier and high on a low multiplier. Another common tip is cashing out as early as possible.