Funky Time Live Show in Canadian Online Casinos 2024

Funky Time Live Show in Canadian Online Casinos 2024

Meet one of the latest live dealer games by Evolution since here comes Funky Time game show in Canadian online casinos launched in 2023. The provider states that it’s a ‘funk-tastic’ game, and it really so since the game fully covers the disco theme of the 70s. Basically, the game is based on the wheel of fortune, but this time, Evolution added fewer multipliers (28 out of 64 segments are 1x) and more special segments like letters and bonus sectors. Due to the latter, Canadians can launch Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco bonuses. 

Be prepared for Mr Funky walking the dance floor and collecting multipliers, choose 1 of 3 drinks in the robot’s bar, and climb up the multiplier ladder within a single gaming session. Examine our Evolution Funky Time review to learn how to launch these features, what other gameplay aspects to consider, and what top Canadian casinos to choose to play Funky Time for CAD.

Best Funky Time Casinos JUNE 2024

CasinoWelcome OfferRatingBonusVisit
1TonybetTonybet ReviewGet up to C$350 on your initial deposits!
C$350Players from US welcomePlay now!
2Hell SpinHell Spin ReviewUp to C$400 on your first two deposits
C$400Players from US welcomePlay now!
3Rolling SlotsRolling Slots ReviewUp to C$500 welcome bonus
C$500Players from US welcomePlay now!
4YojuYoju ReviewGet up to C$2000 on the first three deposits!
C$2000Players from US welcomePlay now!
5Wild FortuneWild Fortune ReviewClaim C$300 on your first three deposits!
C$300Players from US welcomePlay now!
6Spin SamuraiSpin Samurai ReviewGet over C$2000 + 100 FS
C$2000Players from US welcomePlay now!
7BoomerangBoomerang ReviewGet 100% deposit bonus up to C$750!
C$750Players from US welcomePlay now!
8ComeOnComeOn ReviewUp to C$1500 on your first three live casino deposits!
C$1500Players from US welcomePlay now!
9Golden StarGolden Star ReviewRedeem up to C$500 on the first three deposits!
C$500Players from US welcomePlay now!
10Casino RocketCasino Rocket ReviewBonus C$1500 + 150 FS
C$1500Players from US welcomePlay now!
11Jackpot CityJackpot City Review100% up to C$1600
C$1600Players from US welcomePlay now!
12Night RushNight Rush ReviewUp to C$500 + 300 FS
C$500Players from US welcomePlay now!
13Spin CasinoSpin Casino ReviewC$1000 welcome bonus
C$1000Players from US welcomePlay now!
14888888 Reviewup to C$1500 + 88FS
C$1500Players from US welcomePlay now!
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Funky Time game facts

✅ Game Type: Live casino show
⭐ Provider: Evolution
🥇 Release Date: 2023
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 95.99%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $10,000

Funky Time live show interface

  • Funky Time live show interface
  • Funky Time live show interface
  • Funky Time live show interface
  • Funky Time live show interface
  • Funky Time live show interface

Funky Time studio

The studio of the Funky Time live casino game is based on the cool vibes of the 70s, so the design is corresponding. Game hosts are wearing bright costumes to match the game’s style. The wheel, which is the main element of the basic game, is based at the centre, while the tools for bonus mini-games are based behind. Actually, you may know this wheel from games like Monopoly Live since the technology belongs to DigiWheel acquired by Evolution in 2021. Neon lights decorate all these elements, while corresponding music and sound effects let players feel the disco atmosphere. In bonus games, you can see not only additional elements like lottery machines but also cartoon characters, including the robot and Mr Funky.

Funky Time rules

Evolution makes its games bonus-packed yet quite straightforward in terms of navigation and general rules. The Funky Time game show is no exception, so you can quickly place a bet and join the round. First, Canadians should choose a top online casino and deposit since live dealer games are for real money only (unless you just want to watch the gameplay). After that, use these gameplay tools to choose a wager and get started.

  • Live Funky Time main concept

    The Funky Time game’s objective is simple. Players in Canada bet on the sections of a 64-segment wheel, and once the bets are closed, the dealer spins the wheel. The sectors include numbers, letters, and a range of bonus options. Besides, when a round starts, random multipliers are assigned to various wheel segments. 

    Please note that it’s a real-time game, which means that hundreds of players can play the game at the same time, and when you enter the game during the active round, you have to wait until the round is over and new bets are accepted. When the wheel comes to a stop, the flapper indicates the winning segment and Canadian players betting on this position either get paid accordingly or enter a corresponding bonus game.

  • Bet sizes

    The tools you need to track your balance and place a real money bet in CAD (or an alternative currency, including Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency) are all on the screen. Your balance is below on the left, while the total bet ($0.1 to $5000) is next to it. In the middle, you can see the betting chips you need to put on the betting table to place your bet. 

    These values may vary depending on your currency and the betting limits set at your casino (these limits can be different for the same game, so make sure to check this detail with your operator). You can place several chips on the same or different positions within a single round, and they will all be counted to form the total bet. ‘Undo’ and ‘Double’ options allow Canadians to remove or modify the bet they want to place.

  • Bet options

    Once the previous round is over, the time for placing your bet is 15 seconds. You’ll see a betting table above the chips. This table includes a section for number 1, 12 varied letters which form PLAY, FUNK, and TIME words, sections for 4 bonuses (Bar, Disco, Staying’ Alive, VIP Disco), and options to bet on all letters (chips of the selected value automatically cover all letter positions) or all bonuses (chips of the selected value automatically cover all bonus positions).

    To bet on a certain outcome, just place chips of a certain value on corresponding positions. The game doesn’t have a start button since the round begins automatically once the bets are closed. When the wheel stops, you get paid accordingly or get a bonus. If you’ve placed a bet on the bonus section, you participate in it, and when it wasn’t your bet, you just watch the gameplay yet don’t get wins from the triggered mini-game.

Funky Time gameplay elements & navigation

Besides the betting elements, Evolution Gaming offers Canadians a range of other tools. Live Funky Time has a range of widgets for game settings above on the right. Here, you can open the live chat to communicate with the dealer and other players, modify sound effects, and track the gaming history, which is helpful to manage the bankroll or plan a certain strategy. 

In addition, there is a question mark widget which displays detailed game rules. Below on the right, you’ll see statistical details displaying the latest wins. Here, you’ll also find a ‘+ Table’ widget which allows players in Canada to play up to four games from Evolution Gaming simultaneously. CA gamblers looking forward to having a long gaming session can activate the autoplay mode by selecting the number of rounds to be repeated at certain bets.

  • Mobile gaming

    Canadian online casino players who prefer playing on the go can launch Funky Time play in a mobile casino since Evolution Gaming considers the needs of iOS and Android players and creates responsive games suitable to all gadgets. When playing on mobile, you can still access all the listed features, as well as adjust the graphics quality and change other settings like sound effects. 

  • Random multipliers

    At the beginning of each round, when the wheel starts spinning, several multipliers are randomly spread through the wheel. These multipliers can be applied to all sectors, including number 1, where 1x will be multiplied by this rate (eg. 1 x 3x multiplier = 3x total multiplier) and bonus games where the total multiplier you’ve got during the bonus round will be increased by this rate (eg. you’ve got 22x in the bonus game and the random multiplier is 4x, so you’ll get 22x x 4x = 88x in total).

Bar Bonus

To enter this Funky Time bonus game, casino online players in Canada should place a corresponding bet (if not, you just watch the game yet don’t participate). Once the flapper stops on the Bar position (6 wheel segments, 9.38% odds), the game’s location changes, and the dealer invites you to visit the virtual bar with a cartoon robot. You need to choose one of three glasses. Then, the robot starts making cocktails by adding multipliers to each glass. After this, he activates a single-reel slot to reveal one more multiplier, which will be randomly added to one of the glasses.Once the round is over, each player gets rewarded according to the multiplier of the glass they’ve picked.

Disco and VIP Disco Bonuses

Since Funky Time live online casino game for CA players is all about disco vibes, its two mini-games have a corresponding style. When the flapper stops on Disco (2 segments, 3.13% odds) or VIP Disco (1 segment, 1.56% odds) positions, players enter corresponding bonus rounds. The difference between these two rounds is that Disco has a 37-square dance floor, and the floor for VIP Disco has 63 sectors, so Mr Funky can collect more multipliers.

In both cases, Mr Funky, a dancing cartoon character, finds himself on the dance floor with multipliers. The DJ booth displays a wheel with eight segments determining one of four directions for the character (up, down, left, right). On his way, Mr Funky collects multipliers. The lowest ones are in the middle, where the character starts his walk, while the highest multipliers are at the edge of the dance floor. The game is over when the character falls off the edge. If you’ve got a random multiplier in the base game, each multiplier in the bonus game is increased by this amount before Mt Funky starts dancing.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus

This option is based on a 20-level multiplier ladder and 90 coloured balls held inside a ball drawing machine. There are only 3 Staying’ Alive segments on the wheel, so the odds are 4.68%. When you manage to enter this bonus round, you must choose one of three colours. You’ll see a multiplier ladder with three columns for green, pink, and orange colours. All players start from the 5x multiplier and have four lives. 

When the round begins, the drawing machine extracts the first ball. Both its colour and number are considered, so a player who has chosen this number will move one (number 1 on the ball) or two steps (number 2 on the ball) up. When a black ball is drawn, all players lose a life, and when four black balls are displayed, the round is over. 

The top multiplier Canadians can reach here is 10,000x. If you had a random multiplier for this position in the base game, it will be applied after the round is over, and you get your bonus multiplier. The gameplay of this bonus round looks like the Cash or Crash live game by Evolution, where you continue playing by getting green balls or lose when a red ball is drawn.

Funky Time payouts

Unlike online slots, this game is designed to play for real money, so payouts are provided only for real wagers in the currency of your casino account. When you play Funky Time for real money, payouts are provided either in the main game or in bonus rounds. The potential of the available betting options is 1:1 for number 1 bets and 25:1 for betting on letters. As for the bonus rounds, their potential is much larger. For example, the maximum multiplier in the Stayin’ Alive mini-game is 10,000x. Of course, bets on letters offer larger rewards compared to even-money bets, and bonuses can be even more beneficial. But you should consider not only the potential payout but also the odds applied to each of these bets, as well as your bankroll and gaming style (low or high risk).

Funky Time odds and RTP

Basically, Funky Time online RTP is 95.99%, but it may vary depending on the sector you bet on. The same is with the odds (probabilities of hitting each section of the wheel). Explore them to find out what betting options will be more suitable for your gaming preferences:

Number 1 95.99% RTP, 28 of 64 segments, 43.75% odds
Letters 95.49% RTP, 24 of 64 segments, 37.50% odds
Bar bonus 95.98% RTP, 6 of 64 segments, 9.38% odds
Staying’ Alive bonus 95.49% RTP, 3 of 64 segments, 4.68% odds
Disco bonus 95.51% RTP, 2 of 64 segments, 3.13% odds
VIP Disco bonus 95.38% RTP, 1 of 64 segments, 1.56% odds

This way, we can say that the VIP Disco bonus is the hardest to get since there is only 1 sector of this kind on the 64-segment wheel, and the odds are 1.56%. In general, Canadian players have an 18.75% chance to get a bonus game (9.38% + 4.68% + 3.13% + 1.56%). As for the betting option with the best odds, it’s betting on number one since the odds for these even money bets are 43.75%.

Funky Time tips

Initially, you should consider basic tips like choosing the best online casino in Canada, playing responsibly, and learning the game rules in detail. Our reviews can help with this. Besides, you can use these tips to form your Funky Time live strategy:


Adjust your bet to risk levels

According to the odds, the probability of number 1 winning is 43.75%, while the probability of guessing a certain letter is 3.12%. Number 1 sectors pay only 1:1, while the payout for guessing a certain letter is 25:1. That’s why low-rollers should opt for bets like number 1 or the Bar bonus, while high-rollers should focus on particular letters and bonuses like VIP Disco.


Combine several bets

Conveniently, you can place several bets per single round. This way, you can place even-money bets and try to enter a bonus game at the same time. When you are into taking moderate risks, you can opt for all letters and all bonuses. To make the risks lower, combine number 1 bets with certain bonuses. For example, number 1 + Bar Bonus + Staying’ Alive Bonus. Or opt for the number 1 bet and VIP Disco.


Track statistical details

The field with results on the right is helpful since it displays not only winning sectors of the previous games but also random multipliers and bonus games which have occurred recently. This way, you can understand how frequent certain outcomes are (though it’s not a rule and in some cases, you can even have two or more bonus rounds in a row).

Alternatives to Funky Time

Live shows based on wheels of fortune are popular in the Canadian gambling market, so players are spoilt for choice and can choose from a range of decent alternatives. These are the top-3 online casino games in Canada based on the same concept:

  • Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher

    This game was launched by Evolution in 2017, and it’s the first title of this kind in the provider’s collection. That’s why it’s so simple in terms of mechanics yet still very popular. Compared to modern live games with a wheel of fortune, Dream Catcher is very plain since it doesn’t have bonus rounds. You bet on 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 40x segments, and try to get 2x or 7x multipliers.

  • Mega Wheel

    Mega Wheel

    This online casino live show for Canadians was launched by Pragmatic Play in 2020. Mega Wheel is also very straightforward and can’t boast additional mini-games. The gameplay is based on 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 30, and 40 winning sectors featuring corresponding values (2x for sector 2, etc.) However, a good addition to the main game is the Mega Lucky Number which increases the value of a random number per round by up to 500x.

    Read more

  • Monopoly Live

    Monopoly Live

    This game from Evolution looks very similar to Funky Time since it not only has a basic wheel but also features a complex bonus round where Mr Monopoly visits a virtual world and collects multipliers there. This mini-game is somewhat similar to the VIP Disco round, though it’s worth noting that Funky Time has more bonus mini-games. As for the main game, the Monopoly wheel is also somewhat different since it has 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x segments, which is more suitable for newbies’ strategies.

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The Funky Time Evolution game is fairly a new world in the industry of live shows based on wheels of fortune. The provider has simple games like Dream Catcher with the wheel-of-fortune mechanic, but they lack bonuses. Monopoly Live features a better bonus game, but Funky Time still overcomes all these titles since its bonus rounds are ultimate and diversified, while the main game is just as engaging and features good payouts of up to 25:1 for letters. Besides, you can experience random multipliers in the base game. Graphics and sound effects make Funky Time outstanding, so you won’t find any other disco-themed live dealer game with so many bonuses. Use the tips from this page and enjoy the Funky Time game show in Canadian online casinos with the best conditions for players.

Funky Time live show FAQ

What is Funky Time?

Funky Time is a new live dealer game launched by Evolution Gaming in 2023. The game is based on the wheel of fortune, with the number one position paying 1:1, letters paying 25:1, four bonus rounds, and random multipliers.

How to play Funky Time?

It’s a live dealer game, so Canadians need to sign up and deposit. Place chips of certain values on the betting table and wait for the wheel to stop to determine a winning position, be it a number/letter or a bonus mini-game.

What bet sizes does Funky Time have?

This parameter can be different depending on the casino you play at and your currency. For example, $0.1 to $5000 per spin. You can find out this information at your casino by launching the game.

How much can I win in Funky Time?

First of all, it all depends on your luck. Besides, Evolution Gaming sets the maximum payout limit of €500,000 (10,000x), or the equivalent in other currencies. You can check the current limit in your currency by opening the game’s settings.

What RTP does Funky Time have?

The game’s general RTP is 95.99%, but the rate may vary depending on your bet. It’s 95.99% for number 1, 95.49% for letters, and 95.38% to 95.98% for bonuses. In addition, you should consider the offers (eg. 43.75% for number one and 3.12% for a certain letter).

What are the best bets in Funky Time?

It all depends on what you expect from the game. The best bets for low-rollers are even money bets on number 1 (43.75% odds), while high rollers will like betting on letters (3.12% odds) and VIP Disco (1.56% odds).