Plinko Games for Real Money in Canadian Online Casinos

Plinko Games for Real Money in Canadian Online Casinos

One of the most entertaining and exciting games available at online casinos is Plinko. Originally a game from the popular TV show, The Price is Right, Plinko game online has become a fan favourite in Canada. Plinko is a game of chance that involves dropping the ball down a board filled with pegs, hoping it will land in one of the slots at the bottom. Each slot has a different payout, with some offering big rewards for lucky players. The game is easy to play and offers plenty of excitement and suspense as players watch the ball bounce its way down the board.

In this article, we will explore a few Plinko casino game variations, including the game rules, strategies for winning, and the best online casinos to play at. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of online gambling, read on to learn all about this thrilling and fun game.

Best Casinos to Play Plinko MAY 2024

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1TonybetTonybet ReviewGet up to C$350 on your initial deposits!
C$350Players from US welcomePlay now!
2Hell SpinHell Spin ReviewUp to C$400 on your first two deposits
C$400Players from US welcomePlay now!
3Rolling SlotsRolling Slots ReviewUp to C$500 welcome bonus
C$500Players from US welcomePlay now!
4YojuYoju ReviewGet up to C$2000 on the first three deposits!
C$2000Players from US welcomePlay now!
5Wild FortuneWild Fortune ReviewClaim C$300 on your first three deposits!
C$300Players from US welcomePlay now!
6Spin SamuraiSpin Samurai ReviewGet over C$2000 + 100 FS
C$2000Players from US welcomePlay now!
7BoomerangBoomerang ReviewGet 100% deposit bonus up to C$750!
C$750Players from US welcomePlay now!
8ComeOnComeOn ReviewUp to C$1500 on your first three live casino deposits!
C$1500Players from US welcomePlay now!
9Golden StarGolden Star ReviewRedeem up to C$500 on the first three deposits!
C$500Players from US welcomePlay now!
10Casino RocketCasino Rocket ReviewBonus C$1500 + 150 FS
C$1500Players from US welcomePlay now!
11Jackpot CityJackpot City Review100% up to C$1600
C$1600Players from US welcomePlay now!
12Night RushNight Rush ReviewUp to C$500 + 300 FS
C$500Players from US welcomePlay now!
13Spin CasinoSpin Casino ReviewC$1000 welcome bonus
C$1000Players from US welcomePlay now!
14888888 Reviewup to C$1500 + 88FS
C$1500Players from US welcomePlay now!
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What is Plinko?

The game is not as trendy as video slots and most table games, which is why the Plinko casino collection is somewhat narrow. Plinko is a ball and board game of chance. A ball or a puck is released from the top of a triangle board filled with regularly positioned pins. Affected by gravity, the puck falls and slides down, bouncing against the pins and changing its direction until finally landing on one of the slots at the bottom of the board. And the slot it lands determines the player’s winning. 

If the ball’s starting point is at the top centre, it is clear that its trajectory will be leaning towards the bottom centre; however, the pins will make it deflect and shift to the sides. Anyway, if to present the distribution of ball landings as a curve, it will be a bell curve with a high central part.  

Plonko game facts

✅ Game Type: Arcade Game
⭐ Provider: Spribe, BGaming, Turbo Games etc.
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97% – 99%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Plonko interface

  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface

Plinko by Spribe

spribeSpribe is widely known as a provider of Turbo games such as Aviator, Mines, and Mini Roulette. Plinko is one of their products which gained popularity in Canada and other countries. Like many instant-win and crash games, Plinko looks simplistic and lacks the stunning effects typical of most video slots and other casino games. Opening the game, you will see a light blue background with a pyramid-shaped board on which Plinko pegs are located. Under the pins are three rows of numbers representing the coefficients that apply to the player’s bet when the ball lands into a corresponding number.

Adjusting Risk Level in Spribe Plinko

You will see the Green, Yellow, and Red buttons in the user interface under the Plinko board. Similarly, there are three rows of numbers below the pegs. Each row of numbers corresponds to the Risk Level: green coefficients are for low-risk players, yellow numbers are of medium risk, and red multipliers are for high-risk punters. Each Risk option is explored below.

  • Green: Low volatility

    The three central numbers in the row are 1, 0.5, and 1. This means that only one outcome is a loss, two provide breakeven results, and the rest are profitable. The three highest multipliers in this low-risk field are 1.6, 3.2, and 18. Obviously, you are not going to win much in one single round, but on the other hand, you will lose less frequently because only one slot is a loser. 

  • Yellow: Medium volatility

    This is kind of a bridge between low- and high-risk gameplay. Tapping the yellow button will make the ball count on the yellow line of multipliers. Here, the five central pockets pay out x1, x0.7, x0.2, x0.7, and x1. As you can see, the breakeven outcomes are harder to reach, and the most frequently landed positions produce a loss, though not that considerable. 

  • Red: High volatility

    This option is for real risk-takers because the losing rounds will occur way more often than winning ones. The five central landing spots are all losers, and if the puck rests in any of them, the x0.5, x0.2, x0, x0.2 or x0.5 coefficients will apply to your bet. However, the values at the edge are fantastic. If you play Plinko for real money and get the ball to rest on the three utmost left or right slots, you will win your bet x14, x49 or x353. 

Spribe Plinko: The number of pins

The multipliers listed in the previous section are valid for 14 pin rows, which is a default value in the game. The pins are built into a triangular formation, and you can decrease or increase the number of their rows, which will affect the winning multipliers. There are only three options: 12, 14, and 16. Reducing the rows to 12 will lead to three consequences:

  • The amount of landing pockets will also go down
  • Almost all the multipliers will change. Interestingly, the central one goes up a little (from 0.2 to 0.3 for Yellow), while the rest will go down (the ones at the edges will be 11G, 25Y, and 141R)
  • The one-time winnings will be smaller 

And the other way round: Increasing the number of pin rows to 16 leads to the following:

  • The amount of landing pockets will go up
  • Almost all the multipliers will change. The central one goes down a little (from 0.5 to 0.4 for Green), while the rest will go up (the three ones at the edges will be 35G, 118Y, and 555R)
  • The one-time winnings will be higher

Bet sizes and payouts in Spribe Plinko

A bet can be between 10 cents and 100 dollars per round. This fixed range does not vary when you switch between risk options or the number of rows. Given the multipliers listed above, it is easy to calculate the maximum potential prizes in Plinko online game (by Spribe). The three sums for each line below indicate three pin number options,12, 14, and 16, at a $1 bet:

🟢 Green level $11, $18, $35 
🟡 Yellow level $25, $55, $118
🔴 Red level $141, $353, $555

Betting the game’s maximum of $100 will enhance the winnings respectively. However, the game’s absolute maximum is limited to $10,000 per bet, so mind this when playing at high-risk odds.

Provably Fair settings in Spribe Plinko

All Turbo games by the provider come with the Provably Fair feature that you can access from the menu at the top right. In a pop-up, you can see the known Provably Fair values: server seed and client seed, as well as brief instructions on how to check each game round for fairness. Besides, you can check every round from the Game History. This crypto-based technology is found in all online casinos, not only crypto ones.

Plinko XY by BGaming 

bgamingThis Plinko version from BGaming looks very similar to the one from Spribe, but deeper research shows they are different in many respects. Both games have a primitive visual design, but BGaming Plinko looks more basic. The aim of this game is the same as in the Spribe version: a player should predict correctly where the disk will land after being dropped from the top of the board. On the other hand, the Plinko gambling game is more flexible in some respects, e.g. the variance adjustment, which adds fun and increases the player’s choices. Another minor difference, which is not related to the game mechanics, is that the BGaming Plinko’s ball is bigger, drops slower, and hops higher when touching a pin.

Game volatility and risk levels

The game allows changing its variance (hit frequency) in a very wide range. To begin with, a player may change the number of pin rows anywhere between 8 and 16. With every modification in this value, the way the Plinko board looks changes, too, making the slots at the bottom decrease or increase.  In addition to regulating the pins, a player can change the Risk Level parameter, which is implemented in a different way, as compared to Spribe Plinko. Below the Plinko board, there’s a single row of multipliers featuring a green-to-yellow colour palette. Green values indicate the pockets where the disk drops often (the central zones), and the less the hit frequency, the farther colours shift to the yellow side of the spectrum.  To change a risk level in the Plinko game online, a player should tap on any option below the board: High, Normal or Low. Doing this will alter the sequence of win multipliers under the slots. Let’s see an example for an 8-pin configuration:

High risk 0.2, 0.3, 1.5, 4, 29
Normal risk 0.4, 0.7, 1.3, 3, 13
Low risk 0.5, 1, 1.1, 2.1, 5.6 


Similarly, listed below are the coefficients for the maximal 16-pin layout:


High risk 0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 2, 4, 9, 26, 130, 1000
Normal risk 0.3, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 3, 5, 10, 41, 110
Low risk 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.4, 2, 9, 16

Betting options in BGaming Plinko  

Bet sizes vary between $1 and $100 per round. A bet is adjusted intuitively by tapping the + or – buttons in the user controls area. Moreover, you can select an Auto bet mode and pick the number of bets (10—1000) that the game will make automatically at the previously adjusted bet size.

Winning odds in BGaming Plinko

Another outstanding feature that increases the game’s transparency is the open winning odds, which is especially helpful for inexperienced players. If you want to play Plinko online, mind that you can hover over any coefficient at the bottom to see two characteristics: 1) Your potential win (based on your current bet) and 2) Chance of landing. Let’s view the 8-row model at a Normal level, starting from the central pocket:

  • 0.4: Chance – 0.27
  • 0.7: Chance – 0.21
  • 1.3: Chance – 0.11
  • 3: Chance – 0.03
  • 13: Chance – 0.004

This feature lets you make a more informed choice by calculating your odds. The list above allows for making the following implications for the above layout:

  • The three central slots out of 8 are losers
  • A probability of landing a losing pocket is 70%
  • A probability of getting the max x13 win is less than 1%

Plinko games RTP

✅ Plinko XY by BGaming 99.0%
✅ Turbo Plinko by Turbo games 99.0%
✅ Plinko by Spribe 97.0%
✅ Plinko by Gaming Corps 94.79%

Payouts in BGaming Plinko

Fortunately, the studio does not restrict the maximum possible win for its game, unlike Spribe’s version. This means that you will have it all, whatever your winning multiplier is when playing the Plinko game online for real money. The top five potential payouts in the game are 

  • $100,000 (High level); probability: 0.001%
  • $13,000 (High level); probability: 0.02%
  • $11,000 (Normal level); probability: 0.001%
  • $4100 (Normal level); probability: 0.024%
  • $2600 (High level); probability: 0.18%

The listed amounts are given for a $100 bet. As one might guess, the winning odds are the same regardless of the bet size.

Plinko tips and strategies

No online casino game strategy will help you beat the house. Actually, they are aimed at preventing players from making the most common mistakes. Besides, they help one get the most out of the game potential and leverage its RTP to the maximum extent possible. So do not think you will earn a fortune after utilising these or other tips. Anyway, here they are:

  • Ask yourself: Do you want a low or high level of volatility, and change the Risk Level accordingly: Low—for frequent but smaller winnings; High—for rare but higher rewards.
  • Consider using the auto-betting tool if you plan to make lots of consecutive bets.
  • Avoid progressive betting strategies like Martingale. Their efficacy is very low in Plinko.
  • Remember that the high-risk mode suggests you can afford to make hundreds of rounds until you win something substantial. If you enter it without much money, you risk losing it very quickly in vain. 

Play Plinko for free


When it comes to the Plinko games offered by Spribe and BGaming, both games offer similar gameplay with a board filled with pegs and slots at the bottom that offer different payouts. Spribe’s version of Plinko offers a maximum payout of $10,000, while BGaming’s version offers a higher maximum payout of $100,000. Both games are easy to play and offer plenty of excitement and suspense as players watch the ball bounce down the board. Spribe’s version has a neon design, while BGaming’s version is more classic and traditional in appearance. Overall, both games offer a fun and entertaining experience for players looking to try their luck with Plinko in Canadian online casinos.

Plinko game FAQ

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a popular online casino game where players drop a ball down a board filled with pegs, hoping it lands in their selected slot at the bottom for a payout.

How to play Plinko?

Players simply need to choose their bet and drop the ball down the board. The ball bounces around the pegs until it lands in a slot, and the player receives a payout based on the slot.

How much can I win in Plinko?

Spribe’s version has a $10,000 cap on winnings, while BGaming Spribe enables winning $100,000 when playing at a High-Risk mode, 16 pins, and the max hundred-dollar bet.

Can I bet cryptocurrency in Plinko?

Some online casinos that offer Plinko accept cryptocurrency bets, but it's important to check the casino's payment options before playing.

Which Plinko is better: from BGaming or Spribe?

It depends. The max winning is higher in BGaming’s version. The Autoplay feature is way friendlier and more efficient in Spribe’s Plinko. Low rollers find the bet sizes more comfortable in Spribe’s Plinko. In our opinion, the title from BGaming is more flexible than the rival’s product.

Are there any Plinko strategies?

There are a couple of useful tips: Customise the game volatility to your preferences; Go easy on high-risk sessions; Avoid classic progressive strategies (Martingale, etc.).